EVFC Lemondva / Cancelled


Az MVSZ tájékoztatásának és kormányrendeletnek megfelelően IDEHAZA SEM LESZ VERSENY EGY HÓNAPIG ! (2020.03.12.)


A külföldi versenyek is sorra lemondásra kerülnek:

! Cancellation of the Austrian Veteran Championships with EVF foil circuit by the scheduled date on March 21. and 22. 2020

Pulheim and Barcelona - canceled…

Cancel the competition in Dzonków 4-5 April 2020…

! The 4th and 5th of April 2020 in Liège, Belgium – canceled… 



 EVF Circuit Competitions

It is with great sadness that we advise that no further Circuit Competitions will be run this season. Either by Government decree or for health management reasons the organisers of the remaining events have been forced to cancel.
While this is a sad end to what has been an exciting 2020 Circuit, the overall wellbeing of fencers is paramount and we look forward to having a full 2021 Circuit starting later this year.
We will be awarding the 2020 Fencer of the Year medals for each weapon and category based on the rankings from the Circuit Events that have been run.
We still hope that these presentations will take place at the European Championships in May. No decisions have yet been made but we receive daily updates to keep us informed.

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