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Visszatérő verseny” –



Tisztelt Veterán Vívók!

Tájékoztatunk Benneteket, hogy a “Visszatérő” veterán vívóverseny időpontja változott-

június 05-06 helyett, egy héttel később ->  június 12-13-án  kerül megrendezésre.

A helyszín nem változott – a Vasas vívóterem.

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Szervező Bizottság

Rendez vous en 2022…


A francia EVC versenyt törölték az egészségügyi korlátozások miatt.


Sorry but the circuit will not be able to take place this year given the health restrictions.
Désolé mais le circuit ne pourra avoir lieu cette année compte tenu des restrictions sanitaires.


Rendez vous en 2022.

EB 2021-törölve

European Veteran Individual Championships – CANCELLED

Update 1 December 2020

With little surprise but great sadness, I have to announce that the European Fencing Championships scheduled for Thionville in May are now cancelled.

Our French colleagues responsible for the event were trying very hard to deliver this event for us and had prepared comprehensive plans to enable a safe competition environment. Unfortunately, the local authorities are more cautious and have indicated that they cannot support our event at this time. This has an impact on the potential sponsors, venues and hotels that we simply cannot overcome.

Under these circumstances we agreed that we would offer the first refusal for 2023 to Thionville and they have confirmed that they will host the Individual Championships in May 2023. All other candidatures will be extended to later dates subject to the organisers being willing to maintain their applications. I want to thank all the team at Thionville for trying so hard and remaining so positive.

We hope to bring you news of some opportunities to participate in smaller Circuit Competitions during the first half of 2021 – we will update you as soon as we have something to share.

In the meantime, please have the best Christmas you can, stay safe and we sincerely hope that we can look forward to Hamburg together in 2022.

Caryl Oliver
President – EVF




Hello fencer!

I would like to invite you to Zlín, Czechia.

Join us on Saturday 9th May. 2020 (add to google calendar) on 12. International Fencing Tournament under the patronage of governor of the Zlin Region.


Fleuret – starts at 9:30 AM

Epée – starts approximately at 12:00 AM

Sabre – starts approximately at 3:30 PM

              Categories AK0 to AK4


Pre-registration (10 EUROS before 1st May)

Registration on-site (11 EUROS)


Sport Hall, Trida Tomase Bati 4187, Zlin, Czechia

Free parking available in front of the hall.

Complete propositions you’ll find below 


I hope to see you there, Jakub Gerza, organizer

Nemzetközi veterán verseny 2019…

NVV20192019 évi Nemzetközi Veterán Vívóbajnokság   melyen belül a tőr versenyszám az EURÓPAI VETERÁN KÖRVERSENY első állomása

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2019 International Veterans Competition with the European Veterans Circuit (EVC) first foil Competition

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