2019/20 EVF körversenyek értékelése – beszámoló…

2019-20 European Veterans Circuit Report:

Please find below a message from Caryl Oliver and a presentation from Leonardo Patti.

Hello to all our Fencing Colleagues in Europe,

We are pleased to release to you the presentation and report that Leonardo Patti has compiled and would normally have presented to you live at our Congress.   As you will see, despite the set-backs of this year, the Circuit has been a success and I would have asked for a round of applause for Leonardo and all the Organisers who staged competitions this season.   We have our 2020 Fencers of the Year and hope that we can celebrate them in the near future.   We have planned for the 2021 Season but cannot make any predictions at this stage.

Caryl Oliver – President

2019-20 European Veterans Circuit Report

We started the European Veterans Circuit in the current 2019-20 season with the aim to provide motivation for fencers to travel outside their own countries and to provide quality events to encourage local fencers to enter.

The data shown in the presentation confirm that we achieved this goal even if the season could not be completed because of COVID-19. We would like to thank all the organisers who made a success of the European Circuit and all the fencers who travelled to participate in these events.

Sadly, only 8 of the 12 events could be completed (3 for épée and foil and 2 for sabre) with more than 800 fencers participating; among the participants more than 50% are foreigners travelling from abroad and more than 30% of the host country fencers never participated in the previous European Championships: these figures confirm once more that the goal has been achieved.

As a result of the interest in our Circuit, we have received requests from more countries to include events or to increase current events to include more weapons. The twelve original events were awarded for three years and so we decided to add one weapon to three events to reach a total of 5 events for per weapon.

The resulting provisional calendar is available in the presentation. Unfortunately we cannot foretell how COVID-19 will develop throughout Europe in the next months and we have to be ready to reschedule the events according to the situation.

We started this season providing the organisers with very general guidelines, leaving them with considerable flexibility on most issues regarding their competition organisation; after the experience and feedback we got from this first season, we decided to update the guidelines in order to provide a more uniform approach to the whole European Circuit.

The ranking system looks adequate at the moment according to the data shown in the presentation and we have been able to award the inaugural Fencers of the Year; however we will review at the end of the next season based on the total number of events from which the rankings may be calculated.

Leonardo Patti
Director – European Veterans Circuit

2020 EVF

AZ ÉV EURÓPAI VETERÁN VÍVÓJA - 2020 -ban először! 

A vírushelyzet miatt lerövidült a tavaly kihírdetett, fegyvernemenként 4 versenyből álló EVF versenyszorozat. Május 1-én az Európai Veterán Vívóbizottság lezárta a ranglistákat és az addigi pontok alapján kihírdette a győzteseket.

A 24 lehetséges cím közül hármat magyar veterán vívó nyert el – ez fantasztikus eredmény!   Akikre nagyon büszkék vagyunk:

  • Bernát Andrea (UTE) 40+ női tőr
  • Fellegi Ildikó (OSC)    60+ női tőr
  • Hoffman Ibolya (Győr) 60+ női párbajtőr

serleg_fSzívből gratulálunk !  serleg_f


—)———-                                                            ———-(—



Caryl Oliver
European Veterans Fencing

Despite the truncated end, the first season of European Veteran Fencing Circuit Competitions was a success. EVF is delighted to announce the 2020 Veteran Fencers of the Year!

There are medals being prepared and these will either be sent to the winners or presented when we are all next allowed to be together again.



Zlin_logoHello fencer!

Unfortunately because of COVID-19, our tournament 9.5.2020 in Zlín, Czechia has been canceled.

I hope to see you there next year..

Jakub Gerza, organizer

Fencing Club Zlin

Malmö International 2020

Malmö_2020_canceledUnfortunately we have to announce that this year’s Malmö International has been cancelled due to the global spread of Covid-19.

Please inform your fencers.

EVFC Lemondva / Cancelled


Az MVSZ tájékoztatásának és kormányrendeletnek megfelelően IDEHAZA SEM LESZ VERSENY EGY HÓNAPIG ! (2020.03.12.)


A külföldi versenyek is sorra lemondásra kerülnek:

! Cancellation of the Austrian Veteran Championships with EVF foil circuit by the scheduled date on March 21. and 22. 2020

Pulheim and Barcelona - canceled…

Cancel the competition in Dzonków 4-5 April 2020…

! The 4th and 5th of April 2020 in Liège, Belgium – canceled… 



 EVF Circuit Competitions

It is with great sadness that we advise that no further Circuit Competitions will be run this season. Either by Government decree or for health management reasons the organisers of the remaining events have been forced to cancel.
While this is a sad end to what has been an exciting 2020 Circuit, the overall wellbeing of fencers is paramount and we look forward to having a full 2021 Circuit starting later this year.
We will be awarding the 2020 Fencer of the Year medals for each weapon and category based on the rankings from the Circuit Events that have been run.
We still hope that these presentations will take place at the European Championships in May. No decisions have yet been made but we receive daily updates to keep us informed.