Az abszolut veteránok 2020

Ezzel a kedves képpel, az egész veterántársaságnak sok szerettel kívánok – kívánunk békés és meghitt Karácsonyt és a képen olvasható kívánság szerinti újesztendőt.


EB 2021-törölve

European Veteran Individual Championships – CANCELLED

Update 1 December 2020

With little surprise but great sadness, I have to announce that the European Fencing Championships scheduled for Thionville in May are now cancelled.

Our French colleagues responsible for the event were trying very hard to deliver this event for us and had prepared comprehensive plans to enable a safe competition environment. Unfortunately, the local authorities are more cautious and have indicated that they cannot support our event at this time. This has an impact on the potential sponsors, venues and hotels that we simply cannot overcome.

Under these circumstances we agreed that we would offer the first refusal for 2023 to Thionville and they have confirmed that they will host the Individual Championships in May 2023. All other candidatures will be extended to later dates subject to the organisers being willing to maintain their applications. I want to thank all the team at Thionville for trying so hard and remaining so positive.

We hope to bring you news of some opportunities to participate in smaller Circuit Competitions during the first half of 2021 – we will update you as soon as we have something to share.

In the meantime, please have the best Christmas you can, stay safe and we sincerely hope that we can look forward to Hamburg together in 2022.

Caryl Oliver
President – EVF



Guilford (GBR) – 2021 julius 31-augusztus 1.
                     - három fegyvernemes EVF verseny.
A január elejére tervezett EVF Guilfordi versenyt a szervezők áttették július utolsó hétvégéjére abban bízva hogy addigra a Covid “megengedi”.
BVF is pleased to announce that the postponed Guildford International is now provisionally scheduled for 31 July – 1 August 2021, subject to Covid and any related restrictions or guidelines. This event will be a qualifying GB event and an EVF Circuit event for 6 weapons. Please mark this week-end in your diary and keep alert for further announcements. We look forward to welcoming you to Guildford in July.
—)—————-                —————-(—
Faches (FRA) – 2021 május 15-16.
             - tőr és kard EVF verseny.
A január végére tervezett francia tőr és kard EVF versenyt áthelyezték május 15-16-ra, amennyiben a körülmények majd megengedik.
For those of you whose French is a little rusty, the EVF Circuit competition scheduled for 30/31 January in Faches has been postponed to 15/16 May if circumstances permit.

VSE Veteran fund…


Az Európai Vívószövetség (European Fencing Confederation) levelét, felhívását olvashatjátok az alábbiakban…

EFC Information Letter no. 25-2020

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Német, veterán párbajtőr edzőtábor – Pulheim – 2020.11.07-08.  – Kiírás / Details -

Liebe Fechterinnen und Fechter,

anbei die Einladung zu einem Veteranenlehrgang im Damen- und Herren-Degen des Deutschen Fechterbundes in unserer Fechthalle in Pulheim. Wegen der abgesagten NRW-Veteranenmeisterschaften am 7./8. November, haben wir uns nach Absprache mit Harald Lüders  entschlossen, wenigstens mal wieder ein Treffen der Veteranenfechterinnen und -fechtern zu organisieren, die sich nun fast ein Jahr nicht mehr gesehen haben durch Absetzen sämtlicher Veteranenturniere in 2020. Wer also Lust zu einem zwanglosen Trainings-Wochenende mit beschriebenem Ablauf in Pulheim am 7.-8.11.20 hat, melde sich bitte über das Ophardt-System an.

Über ein Wiedersehen freuen sich die Pulheimer Veteranen/innen.

Mit sportlichen Grüßen,

Jürgen Scholz -)——-

Am Zehnthof 21

50259 Pulheim



Dear fencing friends:

With great sadness, the AEVE (Spanish Association of Fencing Veterans) cancels the celebration of the II City of Madrid Cup (EVC – Sable) scheduled for the weekend of November 14th – 15th.

We think that we have to be carefull due to the current situation with covid-19 and the first objective has to be to ensure the health of the veteran community.

We will work hard and with great desire to be able to celebrate this competition together in November 2021 and enjoy the sport that unites us.

Take  care of yourselves and see you on the pistes.

We would appreciate if this meassage could be read by any affected fencer and their respective federations and associations due to this circustances.

Kind regards.