Törölve / Canceled

VB2020  Veterán Világbajnokság – Porec, 2020.

A héten, hosszas és széles körű konzultációt követően hozták meg a döntést – a FIE lemondta az idéi horvátországi veterán  világbajnokságot. Természetesen csalódottak vagyunk de, a nemzetközi járvány helyzetet és a különösen veszélyeztetett korosztályokba tartozó vívók egészségét, általános jólétet figyelembe véve ez volt a helyes döntés.

A 2021-es VB-t jelenleg még Floridában tervezik, Porec pedig 2022-ben ad majd  otthont a Veterán Világbajnokságnak. A következő hetekben várható döntés a csapat EB -vel kapcsolatban.

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As you may already have heard, the FIE has cancelled the Veterans World Championships in Croatia this year. This was not a decision they made lightly but one that they made after a deep and wide consultation within their network.

Naturally, we are all disappointed but the overall well-being of the global fencing community is the higher priority.

The 2021 Championships are still currently scheduled for Florida and Porec will now host 2022.

As promised previously, EVF will make announcements about the European Team Championships in the next couple of weeks.

—)————                          ————(—

A 202EB20200-as csapat EB – ami eredetileg májusra volt kiírva – első körben csak halasztották, abban bízva hogy novemberben jobb lesz a járvány helyzet és    megrendezhető lesz. Sajnos, megszületett a végleges döntés – törölték.

A továbbiakban olvasható Caryl Oliver üzenete:

“I feel like this is my King Canute moment (Google it if you don’t know)!
For the past few weeks we have been working hard with our colleagues in Belgium, trying to figure out a way that we can deliver the postponed European Team Championships in November this year.
No matter how we looked at it and no matter how many cut-down event plans we considered we came back to some insurmountable barriers:
While many countries have a range of strategies in place to keep everyone as safe as possible, the virus is still there and still represents an enormous threat to veteran fencers in particular.
In order to prepare a venue that might be relatively safe in which to fence there are enormous cost implications that the organising committee cannot reasonably be expected to shoulder and which are beyond the resources of EVF.
Not one of us involved in the organsation of these Championships is prepared to carry the burden of seeing one of our friends or colleagues get sick or die because they came and fenced at our invitation.
As I have always stated, the wellbeing of veterans fencers in Europe is my priority so it is with enormous sadness that I have to announce the cancellation of the 2020 European Team Championships.
I would like to thank Paul van Agtmael and his hard working team who have explored every option with myself and Benoit Pincemaille – we really tried and for a little while we really thought we were going to be able to pull it off!
We are continuing to work hard on behalf of all veteran fencers in Europe and hope that we can celebrate together in 2021.
For those of you asking about the Circuit Events we are currently getting feedback from local organisers who are making decisions at a local level. We will share information as it becomes available.
Meanwhile, stay safe, keep training and be ready for when we can fence each other again.
Caryl Oliver – President EVF

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